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An illustrated guide to the production totals, the different vehicle types, their various modifications and other such information relating to the Sharp's Commercials and Bond Cars products from January 1949 to May 1974.


ISBN 978-0-9543265-5-5


A4 landscape format with a case-bound, gloss laminated cover,144 pages with full colour printing on 130 gsm gloss paper. Nearly 400 different illustrations and photographs, many of them in colour.


All this information is definitely only of any interest to the ardent, die-hard Bond enthusiast. Of course, it matters little how many of the Mark D Family Safety with hoods were produced (2,007) or how many Mark F's were painted scarlet (3,054) or even how many Mark G's were fitted with a Villiers 4T twin engine (1,058). However, some of us ‘anoraks’ are interested in such trivia!


Everything you ever wanted to know about a particular model’s production run has been covered. Where information is missing due to the Production Records only extending to a certain period, the chassis numbering system used by the factory is fairly simple to understand and the missing areas have been filled in from other sources like Glass's Motorcycle and Car Check Books with a high degree of accuracy. What you will find on the pages is really the ‘Production History’ of the Minicars, Equipes, 875s, Bugs, Scooters, trailer tents and the other lesser known products.


The book contains large amounts of chassis number information, production volume statistics relating to the different model types, their various colours and details of all the known design and specification changes. You will also find masses of factual information and other snippets associated with Sharp’s Commercials and Bond Cars Limited.

Finally, there’s even a section on the Bond Owners’ Club from its humble beginnings in 1951 through to the present day.

This vast mass of seemingly useless trivia may be appealing only to the genuine Bond enthusiast. You have been warned!


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