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A4 format, case bound in blue Wibalin with gold blocked title on front cover and spine. Full colour dust jacket printed on 130 gsm satin paper, 98 pages richly illustrated with 47 full colour line drawings, 61 colour photographs & illustrations, over 93 black and white photographs & pictures.

ISBN 978-0-9543265-4-8

This is to be the last book revealing the specifications and some of the history of the ’classic’ Moulton bicycle which was either sold, assembled or manufactured overseas between 1964 and 1971.

When the Moulton was launched in November 1962 it took the bicycle world by storm. It was revolutionary. It was trendy. It was different! Very quickly the Moulton Bicycle Company in Bradford-on-Avon was inundated with enquiries and requests from around the world. These ranged from individuals wanting to purchase single machines, large companies wishing to sell them and to some big-name manufacturers hoping to get a licence to build them in their own country.

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Read how different countries had the exported machines tailored to their individual needs and territorial requirements. Find out how companies abroad received C.K.D. (completely knocked down) kits for local assembly and sale in their own country. Discover who manufactured complete ‘classic’ Moulton bicycles (except for the suspension units) for their home market and how they differed from a U.K. specification machine.

There are sections describing two previously unknown Moultons. What was the Bianchi.Moulton? How did a Fuji Moulton mini survive unheard of for over 40 years? You can find out the answers to these questions and more in ‘Classic’ Moultons abroad!

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What the reviewers thought of the book:


The Moultoneer, issue 98.

'.........will definitely appeal once again to all those 'Moulton spotters' but it's also, without doubt, a very interesting book in its own right which gives even more detail about the Moulton story.'


A to B Magazine, issue 92.

'This is a lovely book from Paul Grogan, who has a track record in Moulton books, having authored The 'classic' Moulton and The marvellous Moulton mini. If anyone is to write a book on these first-generation F-Frame Moultons, then Paul's the man.'


News and Views, No.352 - the newsletter of the Veteran Cycle Club.

'The F-Frame Moulton is a familiar machine to many of us but this book really is a journey into the truly obscure aspects of its history and also an insight into the workings of the cycle business at that time. A truly worthwhile read.'

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